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On future mentality and tricking people into altruism

By Denis Rivin Hello. My name is Denis Rivin. I am a Danish/Ukrainian factotum kind of person with an immense amount of interest in an immense amount of things, having 'properly' studied business, marketing, economy, art history, and now communication and digital...

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We have not had time to produce any publications yet but great ideas are in the pipeline. So, for now, welcome to our new website.

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Lessons learned at Testrup

We went to Testrup Folk High School to test our content and education formats with 30 philosophy students for a week. The students were around age 18-20 and a bit older, some came straight out of high-shcool, others had already studied at the university and took a gap...

Testing our ideas at Testrup Folk High School

Sunday February 25th we head out for Testrup Folk High School in the beautiful Danish countryside in order to test our content on their philosophy students. They have kindly given us a full week of their program in order to test our content and ideas. We are going to...

Nordic Bildung & Fremvirke – Awesome Evening Launch March 15

Ny tænketank, nye samfundsmodeller og ny folkeoplysning   Norden er rig på både tænketanke, fremtidsforskning og folkeoplysning, men ingen har endnu kombineret de tre. Det gør vi. Nordic Bildung er en ny, nordisk tænketank, der vil udvikle modeller for fremtidens...

Multicultural Danishness – Research Project Launch March 15

Nyt co-creative oplysningsprojekt: Flerkulturel Danskhed - Hvad er det bedste ved Danmark?   Er du dobbelt- eller flerkulturel dansker? Tænker du to- eller flersproget? Så er vi nysgerrige efter at finde ud af, hvad du betragter som mest dansk, det bedste ved Danmark,...

Connecting Meetings March 14 and 15

Hvad er folkeoplysning i det 21. århundrede? - og kan vi skabe en større nordisk synergi? For folkeoplysere og aktører i det nordiske samarbejde   Norden er rig på både tænketanke, fremtidsforskning og folkeoplysning, men ingen har endnu kombineret de tre. Det gør vi....

Nordic Bildung is future studies, a think tank and Scandinavian folk-bildung combined.

Nordic Bildung is a non-profit, politically unaffiliated association. We face the rapid technological development, societal changes and ecological challenges insisting on human dignity and democracy, and work towards a flourishing, metamodern future, rich in meaning, purpose and culture.

It is our goal to work globally.

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