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Are you looking for fresh perspectives on the future for your organization?

We offer several options:

Management by Bildung – 1-2 day workshops

We can do classical consultancy work but we prefer to shock you with some technological facts, connect it to culture and meaning-making, and inspire you to develop your own solutions.

It creates better long-term results.

– Ah, yes, that is Beethoven; we usually bring him along for our workshops…

Taylored keynotes

You may also book one of our thinkers as a keynote speaker.

We can even put a tailored program together for you and create a unique event with multiple perspectives and some entertaining and thought provoking surprises. Some of them edible…

Technosaurus Rex – The Evolution Never Sleeps

A keynote extravaganza about your future job – or lack thereof

First the robots took the blue-collar jobs, now the algorithms are heading for white-colar jobs. How do we benefit the most from the technological opportunities? How can we create meaningful lives when the development is speeding up exponentially. What kind of personal qualities and cultural vaccines do we need in order to not be shipwrecked in our own lives? How much will culture itself be challenged and change?

Technosaurus Rex is a special treat, presented by futurists Lene Rachel Andersen and Kim Escherich. The extravaganza includes technological insights, global systems perspectives, satirical singing, powerpoints, and hard questions.

Work hours were never like this before!

Lene Andersen opened our UU Danmark (Youth Guidance Denmark) conference with a keynote about what kind of future we want. Focused on adult education and Bildung/meaning making, LA built an arch from the earliest cultural history to a metamodern future. Eminently sharp, captivating and with satirical remarks sprinkled just right, LA touched upon central grand narratives and elegantly connected them to the theme of the conference: education guidance in a paradigm shift. LA’s opening keynote was an impetus that lifted the entire conference from the very beginning.


Pia Vigh

Sekretariatsleder, UU Danmark

Please contact Mette Hvid Brockman for further information.

mhb @ nordicbildung . org

+45 53 83 39 25

Top photo: Antoine Barrès

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