Lene Rachel Andersen, one of our co-founders and co-author of The Nordic Secret, just became a full member of the Club of Rome: http://www.clubofrome.org/members-groups/full-members/

We are very happy for Lene and proud of her.

The Club of Rome was the first major think tank that applied a systems perspectiv on global development, which is one of the reasons their first major publication, Limits to Growth, 1972, was so ground breaking.

Lene has been working with systems thinking for years and Nordic Bildung works along the same lines, and as we are now getting more acquainted with the work of the Club of Rome, we are increasingly puzzled and amazed that systems thinking has not had a real breakthrough in politics yet.

If systems thinking has been around in the public debate, indirectly through Limits to Growth, for almost 50 years, how come it has not become common frame of reference and the default approach to complex problems?

We are not going to explore that here, but just congratulate Lene on her new membership.