67 philosophers, adult educators, researchers, NGO representatives, and entrepreneurs from adult education and leadership development met for the first European Bildung Day on May 9th in Berlin.

To start the conversations and the co-creation of future European Bildung Days we had five very short presentations from: Professor Dr. Dr. Julian Nida-Rümelin from Ludwig Maximilians Universität München, Professor Dr. Christian Welzel from World Values Survey and the university in Lüneburg, Michiel Tolman, co-founder of De Bildung Academie in Amsterdam, Tomas Björkman from Perspectiva and Ekskäret Foundation, and Lene Rachel Andersen from Nordic Bildung.

Nordic Bildung was the initiator of the conference, and our co-organizers, Stephan Bergheim from Fortschrittszentrum in Frankfurt and Sebastian Baier from Co-Creation Loft in Berlin, did an amazing job.

More info on its way…