We need a sister organization in Sweden that matches Danish Fremvirke, and therefore it was time for me, who is based in Stockholm, to collect a group of brilliant minds from various fields for dinner and big thoughts. The common denominator is the passionate interest in the challenges of our time and how to create a flourishing future together.

What makes our meetings special is also the metamodern flavour. How does metamodernity taste and feel when it’s not just a vague abstraction? Food, for instance is charged with culture, symbols and meaning. We like to use it as a bearer of various cultural codes and integrating an (unexpected) mix of them – a new tradition we have started! This time we combined typical Nordic ecology and nutrition with industrial banana loaf and ”strange”, colourful sweets (probably with many E numbers) from a supermarket in Cape Town. (I had just returned from South Africa the same morning.) It made us reflect upon sensibilities and perceptions of “good food” from various perspectives.

There are no specific plans yet for the foundation of “Fremvirke” in Stockholm, but we gradually expand the circle of participants and establish an association when the others and I are ready. To start with, it’s about finding resonance, a safe place where we can tune it to each other and play to our strengths. We like the metaphor of a free jazz or an orchestra guided by the same melody. One of the first tasks will be to find a Swedish name for the association. Suggestions are welcomed!

Participants: Erika Tanos – Nordic Bildung & Curiosity Shop, Daniel Lundqvist – Founder/CEO NAV Sweden, Thomas Kirkegaard – Growth Liberator, Christer Lundahl – artistic duo Lundahl & Seitl, Annika Dopping – Global Changemaker, Sanna Rådelius – National Board Member at Initiativet, Jörgen Krantz – Scenario Grupp & Individutveckling & Lene Rachel Andersen (behind the camera.)