Our popular branch in Denmark, Fremvirke, will have its own program at Folkemødet / The People’s Political Festival Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings: The Fremvirke Summer Variety Show; future studies, satirical songs, quizzes, and interviews.

It will be in Danish, so rather than introducing Fremvirke’s Variety here, we recommend the official Folkemøde page and what they have to say about The People’s Political Festival: https://folkemoedet.dk/en/

If you are at Folkemødet, you can also experience Lene Andersen, Kim Escherich and Pernille Tranberg of Nordic Bildung at the following times and places.

What does it look like at that Folkemøde and where is it?

It is on Bornholm, a small island in the Baltic Sea, and all tickets, plane, ferries, everything, that would allow you to get here, are sold out and have been sold out for months. Sorry. It is just very popular!

It is also very pretty; here the view from one of the restaurants overlooking some of the debate tents: