We address the future, meaning making and social and societal change, and September 16-18 we gathered 30 people from tech, adult/informal education, the arts and from organizations promoting Nordic cooperation in order to explore how the Nordics can lead the way into a stable and meaningful world of the future.

We called it Nordic Bildung Summit 01, we met at Nordiska Folkhögskolan in Kungälv by Gothenburg, Sweden. The site was well chosen for its historical significance: for centuries, Denmark, Norway and Sweden have been fighting over their borders just outside the windows of our conference venue–now we collaborate and dream togethere.

We enjoyed three productive days, explored big ideas, technological development, moral values, and some of the analytical models that we use in Nordic Bildung in order to explain the big trends. We also tested our new board game The Nordic Game, which you will soon hear more about…

Kim Escherich on technological development

Tomas Björkman on exponentiality and the meta-crisis humanity is currently going through

The beautiful and historic view from Kungälv Folkhögskola

Testing The Nordic Game