Mette Hvid Brockmann

Chairperson, Denmark Mette Hvid Brockmann has a master’s degree in public administration, her dissertation being on culture economy. She worked as a producer and CEO of a theater for 15 years and has since shifted to the environmental sector where she specialized in facilitating multi-expert teams. Before devoting herself to Nordic Bildung, she worked at Chora Connection developing sustainable solutions for society based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Erika Tanos

Vice chair, Sweden Erika Tanos is an innovation anthropologist and the founder and owner of Curiosity Shop AB. Her work focuses on integrating an anthropocentric perspective with society and cultural analysis in multidisciplinary projects. In recent years, she has participated in and also directed a number of international projects combining innovation, complex and creative problemsolving, infotainment design, and futurism. Her toolbox contains design and systems thinking and she is currently working as a workshop leader at the innovation platform Openlab in Stockholm, Sweden.

Lene Rachel Andersen

Treasurer, Denmark Lene Rachel Andersen is a member of the Club of Rome. She has a BA in business economy and studied theology 1993- 97. From 1993 to 2001, she wrote comedy and entertainment for Danish media and went to the US a number of times; she went there a Dane and returned as a European. Since 2005, she has worked as an independent futurist, author, philosopher, and publisher. For her books, she has received the Ebbe Kløvedal-Reich Democracy Baton (2007) and the Danish librarians’ Døssing Prize (2012); among her titles are Democracy Handbook (2010), Globalt gearskift (2014), Testosteroned Child. Sad. (2017), and The Nordic Secret (2017).

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