Creating new models for society

Nordic Bildung has five tasks:

  1. To develop new models, ideas and visions for societies and the globe of the future.
  2. To share these with as many people as possible in order for them to challenge our thinking and come up with better solutions.
  3. To provide knowledge and venues that can empower people in order for them to make the best possible changes and adjustments in their own lives, in their societies and for the globe as a whole.
  4. To reach people in all walks of life.
  5. To contribute to a flourishing planet, flourishing societies and circumstances that allow individuals to flourish too.

Nordic Bildung is the combination of future studies, a think tank and folk-bildung.

In order to handle the technological development and planetary challenges wisely, we need a deeper understanding of ourselves and our inventions throughout our societies.

Nordic Bildung is about civic empowerment and a humane future, and Nordic Bildung builds on the Scandinavian folk-bildung tradition that lifts society from the bottom.

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