Guerilla research among people harboring more than one culture.

  • How does it affect being and meaning-making when one operates based on more than one epistemology and identifies with more than one culture?
  • What is it that “mono-cultural” people generally have such a hard time understanding?
  • What does it mean to be “woke”?
  • Since we carry out this study in Denmark (and hopefully soon also in Norway and Sweden) we hope than a byproduct will be that we can identify what is uniquely Danish, Norwegian and Swedish: people who practice Danish, Norwegian or Swedish culture and then some should be able to say something qualified about that.

We discuss these issues in an open process and are still exploring the right way to do that.

So far, we have had two meetings in spring, 2018, and we continue in September.

Please write me if you wish to join the project; tell me a bit about yourself and why you wish to join: la @ nordicbildung . org

At our last meeting, we almost forgot to take a picture of ourselves, luckily we left the meeting together so we could take the picture in the street (it was a freakin’ cold April in Copenhagen!) – June, Zarah, Mishra, Madeeha, Parviz and yours truly:


Top photo: Nathan Dumlao