Virtual Embodiment has the potential to profoundly change people by “redefining the very relationship we have to our own minds”. A fascinating study shows, for instance, that abusive men who were given the opportunity to experience the victim’s perspective through a rehabilitation programme, got significantly better at recognizing fear in the faces of women. Through a highly realistic other-body simulation, identification was made possible.

Could a combination of VR, VE and AR (Augmented Reality) be used to truly understand a broader range of perspectives, other species, higher states & personal developmental stages? What about various levels of cultural complexity? Read this mind-boggling futuristic article and let us know what you think!

“Having read Johnson-Laird, he’d begun to wonder whether reality, as we experience it, might be a mental stage set—a representation of the world, rather than the world itself. Having an O.B.E. [Out of Body Experience] could be like visiting the set at night, when it wasn’t being used. Metzinger started to think about how such a model might be constructed. Some internal mental system must function as an invisible, unconscious set dresser, making an itch feel like an itch, coloring the sky blue and the grass green.”

Recommendations for an embodied reading experience:

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Photo: Alex Iby