Just when you think humanity cannot be more foolish you read this:

Due to climate change, the permafrost in Alaska is thawing, which makes oil drilling harder.

Instead of stopping the drilling and switching to renewables, they invent ways to artificially cool the ground (I suppose the devices are not running on renewables either), in order to be able pump up more oil.

The companies offering these “solutions” are expecting–you cannot make this up–that they will see their business increase in the years to come.

Climate change is really good for business and employment!

“To be honest, climate change is pretty good business for our company,” says Ed Yarmak, who runs Arctic Foundations and gets about half his work from oil companies on the North Slope. “We’re in the business of making things colder.”

By “things” he means the permafrost that blankets Alaska’s North Slope.


Photo: Ben White