What would you experience if you were able to live through everything we have experienced the past 2000 years? Go through all the different transitions, feel the pain and suffering, experience what happened afterwards. Immortal, yet able to feel and sense everything. What would you see?

Do you see the magic at play?

Do you see how every transformation leads to higher human value? A richer and more expansive world?

It never goes backwards, every transformation expands. It contains everything from the past and opens up new opportunities to be created and manifested. New creations not possible to create in the world before the transformation.

Yet, it has never been about what we can create or the technology we discover. It has always been about human expansion. Technology and the new systems are just manifestations of what we are capable of doing in the new paradigm.

Every transition has always ended up with a better and more expansive world

The problem was never the transformation. It was how we went through it.

The subconscious nature of systems does not cause self-destruction, but it drives us through self-destruction in order to transform. For the first time in history, we are able to understand the mechanism behind transformational change.

The only thing we can control is how we go through the transformation

Right now, we are experiencing the self-destructive mechanism at play. It may last another 20, 30, maybe even 100 years. We may go through civil wars, global wars, destruction of the capitalistic system. Everything we have experienced through all our past transitions. From an immortal perspective, from a systems perspective, none of that matters. The human expansion has no goal, no final destination, nothing to get to. All of these are just reflections of the human life span.

We are finally growing up

Look at all the conflicts around the world, behind the pain and destruction, the subconscious nature of what drives the behavior in our systems. You might discover that our coming generations are dismantling the patriarchal structures for how we build values and norms in society. The Arab spring, #metoo, Black Lives Matter. The response is civil-war in Syria, Brexit, Trump, Putin, Erdogan. The system is defending itself by putting forward the symbol of what is being challenged.

The only thing we cannot control is the transformation itself. We can fight it. We can try to avoid it. We can deny it. We can do all of that and more. These are all the things we have done in the past transformations.

We have a choice!

For the first time in history, we actually have a choice! We can actually control how we go through the transformation.

That for me is the essence of Fremvirke, Bildung and Nordic Bildung:

Move from fighting the transition, to accepting that it will lift humanity to a new and more expansive reality, a reality of higher human value.

Fight for how we go through the transformation. Reject the self-destructive nature of systems and fight for a positive and non-destructive transformation.

Photo: Jonas Kaiser