Technological development is speeding up and before we know it, our lives will be stored on multiple servers, the existence of which we have no knowledge about.

Not just the old kind of data that governments used to have about us, but our facial metrics, our whereabouts and whatever weird little secret habits we have.

We don’t even need big government to monitor us like in China: The moral backbone of any working democracy, the middle class, is putting up the surveillance technology all by themselves, “The Market” being more than a willing helper:

Meanwhile, a whole new kind of video manipulation technology allows the replacement of anybody’s face in any video, the so-called deep fake video:

In other words: our real selves will soon be monitored wherever we go and whatever is caught will remain stored somewhere, while our fake selves may turn up in any video shared online.

If it is possible to monitor the appearance of our face in the street, it must also be possible to monitor the appearance of our face online, and it must be technically possible to warn us whenever our face turns up in a video or to simply lock or block it.

If our face turns up in a fake video or in a video created by surveillance from an area where we have not been properly warned about the surveillance, it must be technically possible to stop the video from showing. It must be technically possible to “block” our face based on its metrics.

In order for this to have legal repercussions, we need Facial Rights as a Human Right: Each individual must have the exclusive right to the use of his/her face in any electronic form.

Photo: ???? Luca Iaconelli ????