In the spring of 2013, I co-founded a company dedicated to building innovation driven organizations. At the founders’ event in Stockholm, we developed a vision to create the innovation economy. To unleash the power within people beyond what current organizations were able to do. This triggered a process where we began working with two organizational psychologists who had developed their own model for how to create a Tipping-Point in society.

In this process, I was challenged to formulate the highest goal I could imagine. In November 2013, I began to explore different perspectives. After a few discussions with some of the other founders, I sat one evening and reflected, feeling how the energy kept building in the body. In the late hours of the night, the following goal unfolded:

By 2053, 3.5 billion people have the same standard of living as the Nordic countries had in 2013 in an economic system living off Earth Interest only.

The 3.5 billion is the dream, they are the tipping-point, from there the rest will lift itself.

After I had formulated this and a few other goals, I felt how it vibrated throughout my body. It was truly a unique and an amazing feeling. When I woke the next day, it still felt right, and I shared the goal with the rest of the group. That started a looong journey to where I am today, July 2018.

The goal is both rational and irrational at the same time, but it cannot be accepted in a rational way. It took me five years to understand that! 🙂

The goal set off a fantastic development process where we created a number of groundbreaking processes in strategy and innovation. We established a nonprofit organization, Future Leaders Global, to give young adults (20-25 years) a new set of leadership skills based on the new principles. That evolved into a flourishing independent organization.

It became clear that such a goal is greater than any commercial company can have as its business goal. It all ended up with the company being split up.

Personally, it became a fantastic journey discovering my own power. Discovering what lies behind the goal, what it takes to fulfill it. At the same time, it was extremely frustrating, leading me on a long journey into the unknown. A journey I am now ready to complete.  🙂

I discovered that the goal by itself does not create change. For most people, it just became words. It simply was too big a responsibility for any organization, manager, or management team to take on. I now believe this applies to all the major global challenges we are facing. We can consciously acknowledge that we must solve these global challenges. We can formulate UN goals or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but it becomes too big for most people. It ends up in fragmented initiatives where no one manages to take on the responsibility for the entirety.

I discovered that behind the goal there is an energetic state that creates all the conditions for achieving the goal. It is the energy of how it feels when 3.5 billion people experience the same individual freedom to be the best version of themselves. It is the individual and collective Creative Self that enables us to connect to the higher energetic state where everyone can find their unique energy and intention. This becomes the precondition for creating movement individually and collectively. We are no longer talking about one goal. We are talking about 3.5 billion goals that together forms the whole.

Bildung 1.0 was about creating the basis for the state and democracy. Bildung 2.0 focused on the individual and individualization, and one of the “side-effects” was postmodernism.

For me, Bildung 3.0 is about creating a new global collective of 3.5 billion people who have the same shared experienced freedom to be the best version of themselves—and then the big satisfaction when the rest of the global population follows. It does not mean that the nation states will disappear, rather, we get a new level of belonging and experience beyond what the current nation state and the corresponding energetic mental state give us.

In order to make the Nordic countries better, we must take the responsibility for creating the world that will solve the global challenges we are facing together.

Photo of the Oslo Opera: Oliver Cole