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What is Bildung? in 14 languages

Lene Rachel Andersen and Nordic Bildung have delivered the first intellectual output in the Erasmus+ project called “Bildung – Building Inclusive Lifelong learning systems by Developing a European Understanding of bildung for the Next Generations:” the free book: What is Bildung? You can find more information about it here: where you will also find a 5-page introduction to bildung in 14 languages. Adult education organizations in nine European countrie...Read More

Global Bildung Festival videos now online

You can now watch videos from the Global Bildung Festival here: Among the keynote speakers at the Global Bildung Festival was Dr. Mamphela Ramphele from South Africa who is the co-president of the Club of Rome. Dr. Ramphele spoke about Ubuntu and Bildung: Similarities and Differences from an African Perspective

We joined the #LearningPlanet

Nordic Bildung has joined the #LearningPlanet community and is looking very much forward to promoting bildung globally also through this network.  

The Bildung Rose now in Spanish

Andrey Vargas from Costa Rica who is very active in Bildung América Latina has translated Lene Rachel Andersen’s paper about The Bildung Rose into Spanish. You can find the Spanish paper here along with the original in English:

Bildung: A Metamodern Approach to Reimagining Education

By Lee L. Chazen, M.A.  If you were given the opportunity to completely reimagine education, what would you do? Would you instinctively go back to what you know – the world of textbooks, memorizing content, standardized testing, moving from one class to the next without seeing the big picture of what this all means? Would you create pressure situations where a student’s life comes down to a single moment in time where they are held accountable for information? Would you create large facili...Read More

We Need a New Cultural Enlightenment to Address the Greatest Challenges of Our Time

By Brandon Norgaard We live in a world that is paradoxically both highly interconnected and deeply divided.  Far off in distant lands and right in our own cities and towns, we find immense and seemingly intractable problems – most notably warfare, poverty, corruption, oppression, disease, and environmental degradation.  Problems of these sorts have been haunting humanity since the dawn of civilization, but we can recognize that they don’t have to be as devastating as they often are.  If we look ...Read More

We have a Bildung Manifesto!

The Bildung Manifesto is now online: What was originally conceived as a European Bildung Manifesto and has been a year in the making, today became a global Bildung Manifesto at the European Bildung Day. More information about the European Bildung Day 2021 will follow as we get ready to publish the video recordings from the keynote presentations on Saturday, May 8th, and the parallel sessions on Sunday, May 9th.

Metamodernity Paper — Now also in Spanish

Metamodernity is an alternative to both modernity and postmodernism, a cultural code that presents itself as an opportunity if we work deliberately towards it. It is a vision, an option and a possible future scenario. The paper has now been translated into Spanish. You’ll find both the English and Spanish paper here: Based on the book Metamodernity.